Antananarivo – madinka dink


some kind of fermented nut, or maybe meat? regardless, not delicious

if you want to eat chicken, this is the only way to buy them

Tana has vegetables… my village does not

baby on the street, no mother in sight

street food (menaka be)

me: “afaka mangala sary zaho?”

izy: “ya, mety”

me: “izy sipa-nao?”

izy: “AEY-Eh”



food porn: PCV style

walking down was fun, but an old man with a cane passed me on the way up

the view behind the hotel

almost like america…

the best neighborhood in Tana

Cecilia being amazing


4 responses to “Antananarivo – madinka dink

  1. Nancy Hickson

    Mallory – Wow – great pictures!!!! The city (Tana) looks so interesting / fun/foreign….Thanks for sharing. I am so happy that you had this respite – your hotel and accomodations look fabulous!! Is there any way to buy (live) chickens and take them back to your village? The vegetables (food porn) look terrific! Many of the people are in western clothing? What’s the weather like? I noticed the outdoor roof top heaters. Much love, Nancy

  2. Tana is amazing…. the hotel is great, and still less than $40 a night…

    I don’t eat meat at site because the beef is questionable, at best, and you can only buy live chickens. Not interested and taking a machete to a chickens neck…

    The weather has been wonderful, maybe 70s? It’s extremely hot where I live, so the highlands are a nice break.

    rooftop heaters… maybe the only ones I’ve ever seen in Mcar… not at all typical of the island.

    miss and love you all!

  3. Thanks for the photos. I can see why you like Tana. It looks like there is lots of excitement…and the conversation with Izy ? What’s that all about?

  4. Andrew Zimmeren should be admonished! Love you!!!!

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