ganges a go-go

So I’m in Antananarivo. This means that I can actually be an ex-pat, giving impromptu english lessons, responding to “bonjour” with “manahoan-eh” (different dialect than mine, I actually can’t speak highland Malagasy), escaping the crazy of Tana in vazaha Ivandry, the land of American embassy workers and french babies.

I had a latte today. It’s been almost 5 months since that’s happened.

I love the insanity of this city. The quick pace of a large African city makes me so happy.  I think I have to move here when I COS…

More later… in Mantasoa until the 30th.


2 responses to “ganges a go-go

  1. Wow – it looks like a beautiful city!!! Is that in Madagascar??? or have you gone to the continent?? I discussed your “rat situation” with several people. They suggested trying lavender or lemon pepper spice. I will send both in my next box. Take / send more pictures!!!!!! I am so interested in this culture. Much love, Nancy

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