doing things the wrong way – a photo diary

Welcome to my home…


4 responses to “doing things the wrong way – a photo diary

  1. Mallory – Your little place looks fabulous!!!! Very organized and neat. What an adventure! I love reading your notes and looking at the photos. I talked about you in class this week – we’re discussing culture. One student asked why you chose to go to such a remote/strange place.She shared that she won’t camp more than 3 days because it gets so dirty…..You are such a trooper. I’m “collecting” for your next box – let me know any particulars. Love, Nancy and family

    • Thank you Nancy! Unfortunately, Peace Corps doesn’t give you a choice, and if it did I’d be in Cape Town, South Africa! Hope all is well in Red Bluff!

      p.s. I had never really been camping before Peace Corps, I guess I wasn’t very prepared…

  2. Mallory – the photos are wonderful – now I can visualize you there. It’s humble but it’s got your charm – and it’s just about the size of my first apt.

    Mallory – there are plenty of places in Oakland that look just like that! Looking forward to your return. Michael

    • Kate – thank you! I have one of the largest houses in my village. Many families live 5 people per room… I’m still working on it, not as cute as I’d like it to be, but what can you do?

      Michael – far from oakland, no market hall! hope all is well!

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