the name of the game is lightworks

Quick update on my way to Antalaha:


I’m hosting a disco! Yes, it’s true.  Nosiarina has no idea what it’s in for.  It’s going to be a benefit for my women’s group, but I’m definitely going to DJ.  I’m working on a playlist that I’ll hopefully put up on soundcloud when I’m done.  In fact, I’ve been working on a few DJ sets since I’ve been at site that I’ll try to get on soundcloud for everyone to download as an mp3 if you so wish. Essentially, it’s going to be a huge drunk fest from 8pm to maybe 6am (conservative estimate), and my women’s group will be selling the usual THB (local beer) and sambo (strong rum). It’s not until early August, so I have some time to prepare.


Right now, I’m headed to Antalaha for a long weekend to celebrate a fellow volunteer’s birthday.  He has a house on the beach, and Antalaha is exponentially better than Sambava, so I trust that it will be a great weekend.  I’m bringing my Petanque set, maybe some Pastis too.


Another side project is trying to figure out if I can get a goat… I don’t really have much room in my backyard, but I’m going to try to get some space at my counterpart’s plantation.  The Malagasy need to experience the pure ecstasy of chevre. I give credit to France for leaving Pastis behind, but the horrid mofo du pain (think stale wonderbread in baguette form) and lack of cheese should bring shame on the history of French occupation, not exclusively, of course.  I do, however, have to give credit to the French cheesemakers in Fianar, maybe some of the best Tomme I’ve ever had, but can only be purchased in the South.



This Week’s Playlist:

1: Freaking Me Out – True Psuedo

2: Thank Me Now – Drake

3: Paper Planes – M.I.A.

4: Seasons – Cunninlynguists X RJD2

5: Caravan – Efterklang

6: Donuts – Jay Dee

7: Z – Tanlines

8: Zombies – Designer Drugs

9: Encore – DJ Danger Mouse

10: Italian Wardrobe – Broken Spindles

11: White Dove – John Vanderslice

12: Don’t Go – Nouvelle Vague

13: Bandwitch – Broken Social Scene

14: One For Ghost – Jay Dee

15: Moonlight Skies – RJD2


2 responses to “the name of the game is lightworks

  1. I just reread your post. What a life! Remember the lessons you are in Madadgascar to learn. You are truly loved. Mom

  2. Mallory, your playlist continues to amaze us! Haven’t heard of any of them. Someday, when we get time (maybe retirement?), we will check it all out.


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