recognize that you’re here to stay


Highlights of the Week:

1: Antalaha & Macolline Reserve: Antalaha is such an awesome town, I’d move there in a second if I could… Macolline is a beautiful reserve, very small, but very well done.  A group of volunteers went to visit a fellow volunteer that works at the reserve, not to mention an American style house that he lives in on the beach.  I thought we were supposed to be roughing it in the Peace Corps?  Also, Antalaha has sourdough bread, omfg.

2: Maronjejy: I believe the summit is over 1100m, I have never been so sore in my life, but it was pretty beautiful.

3: My Fikambanana Vehivavy (women’s group) has finally agreed on the chicken cooperative.  Initially, I had proposed a goat coop, but Malagasy don’t drink goat’s milk (which means no goat cheese) so they didn’t go for the idea.  Working on getting a funding link on the Peace Corps website, and planning on writing an article for my hometown paper in hopes of getting some funding.  The reason for the chicken coop is because eggs are extremely expensive in Madagascar, and chicken eggs are hard to come by, usually you can only find duck eggs, which we are encouraged not to eat by the PC med office.  One chicken egg costs 500 Ariary ($0.25USD) which I believe is more than in the US. It’s going to be a long-term project, but certainly worth the work.


Village life:

-All of the vanilla has been out to dry for the past couple of weeks, so it smells amazing during the day.

-I have discovered that my neighbor is a thief…I went to look at her “vegetable garden” the other day and noticed that she had some contender beans growing.  Funny, contender beans aren’t in Madagascar, and 5 of my plants were missing last week in my garden.  Additionally, my angady (gasy shovel) was missing after I got back from Maronjejy.

– Peace Corps should be sending my bike soon.  I am thrilled as I live only 18km from Sambava and it’s technically “winter” and cool enough to bike.

– I’m no longer a newbee! We have a new stage of Health and Education volunteers that came into Tana on the 13th.  They will be with their host families for a month, and should swear-in around mid-September.  We are expecting a health volunteer to join us near Antalaha in a leper colony.

– Still playing a lot of Petanque (mbala tsy miaraka Pastis ndreky jus orangy)



This weeks playlist:


1: Homecoming – The Teenagers

2: Get Up – Washed Out

3: Turn The Page – The Streets

4: Gimme – Star Slinger

5: Izzo (H.O.V.A.) – Jay-Z

6: Le Senza (Camille Remix) – Colly

7: Six Days – DJ Shadow X Mos Def

8: I’m Good, I’m Gone – Lykke Li

9: How Soon Is Now – t.a.T.u

10: The Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen

11: Windowlicker – Aphex Twin

12: Very Fancy – Die Antwoord

13: Teardrop – Massive Attack

14: Lists, Plans – A Sunny Day In Glasgow

15: Slow – Twin Shadow

16: Make The Loop Say Aye (OJ da Juiceman vs. Discovery) – Hood Internet


2 responses to “recognize that you’re here to stay

  1. Thanks for the update. Did you remember my peace corps training was to be a chicken farmer?

  2. Jonathan Woo Wong

    Im glad I know at least one of those artists.

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