there is fromage blanc in Antananarivo

Greetings from Anatananarivo,

I’m currently in the capital to officially swear-in as a Peace Corps volunteer.  We swear in May 3th (tomorrow, if I can post this in a timely manner) at the country director’s house.  Usually we would swear in at the US Ambassador’s house, but we do not currently have a US Ambassador because the US does not recognize the government of Madagascar, which is a little uncomfortable to think about as a Peace Corps volunteer … Regardless, training is over.  I can now speak the Sakalava dialect of Malagasy fairly well (enough to live on my own, I suppose), and I will be moving to my cute little Malagasy house at the end of the week!  Again, I’m going to be living in Nosiarina, near Sambava in NE Madagascar.  My house is adorable, though I have only seen pictures (see below), but I look very forward to the move.  Apparently this is the 6th house they had designated for me, but I think it is by far the best.  My counterpart has already constructed garden beds and planted them for me in my backyard, and I have been lucky enough to inherit a 3-burner stove, in addition to some other kitchen items.  I still need to have all of my furniture constructed for me, and I’ll probably be sleeping on the cement floor for a couple of weeks, but hey, I have my own house in Madagascar! Oh yes, and I am officially a millionaire…

I anticipate having internet again in a couple of weeks, and hope to have an update on my work and living situation. Hopefully, I’ll have some furniture by then, too. I hope everyone is happy and healthy.  I would love to hear from anyone and everyone via email (, and once I get a P.O. box in Sambava, I would love letters and I will definitely write back.  This being said, please don’t send any packages to the address on my contact page.  Peace Corps will only forward letters to my new address, but again, I’ll update my contact page when I get a new address.

Miss you all!




3 responses to “there is fromage blanc in Antananarivo

  1. Hi Mal,
    Well your new place looks really cute! I know you’ll want to keep it as pristine, so you’ll be spending lots of time in the garden! I really should have trained you better as a child! lol I’m sure you will enjoy gardening…it’s so rewarding!
    Much love,

  2. Thanks mom, love you too! don’t be jealous because I have a better vegetable garden than you 😉

  3. Well, I am a bit jealous….I wonder which pests you’ll have to ward off? I guess deer are pas de problem! Can’t wait to hear your impressions of Sambava and your new home!

    I love you!

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