more house pictures…

I can’t wait to see it in person, more updates soon, I hope.


8 responses to “more house pictures…

  1. this looks awesome! i really want to come visit you!

  2. What a pleasure to see pictures of your new house. When I was your age, I dreamed about a homestead in the country where I grew or raised everything, I still may have some old homestead stuff in our library. I was going to call it Granny Hawkins Renaissance Farm. Silly, huh?

  3. Malinda, I really want you to come and visit… You would love Madagascar!! And you would love the lemurs 🙂 I miss you so, so much

  4. Mal Pal,
    This house is so much better than we had hoped. let me know what seeds you’d like me to send you. (maybe some REAL garlic perhaps?) Cant wait for your next update!
    Love you!

  5. Mal, I’m so glad you won’t be living in a mud hut. This house looks fantastic! What are you thinking about growing in the backyard? I hope everything is well.

    • Sundai!! We need to talk on Skype soon! I need to hear how you are! Shoot me an email or something, or I can try to call you later this week.
      xoxo, mal

  6. I’m late to this party, but I concur that your new digs look gorgeous to a degree that is hard to comprehend, and I’m very excited for you.

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