frantic. low.

preparations for Mada are less than adequate. tomorrow is my last day in san francisco. frantically packing, frantically drinking, yelling, screaming, and making a mess. i think packing up miss silvia has been the hardest….

i definitely forgot that i’m driving to portland on thursday….. it’s going to be a long week. i feel like february is already over, even though it has just begun. wrapping things up has proven to be harder than i had anticipated. i don’t know exactly what i was thinking to begin with. i’ll have many more updates once i get back to the farm, i need to get as much experience in the orchard as possible, and look forward to trying our spiciest oil pressing yet!i’m going to miss the best time of year in northern california. 2011 is the year of two winters….. i’ve been listening to a lot of this, and i like it:

p.s. i just bought a mandolin for Mada !!!


One response to “frantic. low.

  1. Hey Mia! I am putting together the Snapshots of Service project and had your blog recommended to me by Liz ( Please check it out and let me know if you would like to get involved!


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