where did the night fall

every year starts with an archive of the year prior.  because i only have a few more weeks in california before i leave for madagascar, i’m fearful that i’ll be leaving loose ends.  over the last two weeks in san francisco i’ll be prioritizing my last month.  i’m eager to move back to northern california, and avoid any unfinished business. 


i) drink a 1964 bouchard corton in the olive grove

ii) find the mario corbett house in vina, ca

iii) visit the lavender garden in the cascades

iv) take one more trip to the lost coast via 36

v) finish the tuscan springs hike that i started 12 years ago

vi) tapas in the wine cellar


2 responses to “where did the night fall

  1. By any chance did you find the Mario Corbett house in Vina? I’m planning a road trip through central valley, hoping to take a look. Let me know, thanks! p.s. found this via google.

    • I spent about 4 hours driving around Vina to no avail…. So sad. If you find it, please please please let me know the location. I’m not even sure if it’s still standing, although it would be a shame if it weren’t….


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